Product Description

Ambu Disposable Peep  Valve  199003020

Positive End Expiratory Pressure is in general used to maintain
adequate oxygenation of the blood. PEEP is also recommended
during assisted ventilation of preterm infants.
Guidelines 2005: “Maintaining a positive end-expiratory pressure
(PEEP) immediately after birth protects against lung damage. PEEP
also improves lung compliance and gas exchange. 311,312” (page
PEEP is also recommended in connection with lung injuries for
instance drowning.
Guidelines 2005: “The propensity towards alveolar collapse may
require the use of PEEP or other alveolar recruitment maneuvers
to reverse severe hypoxemia. 82”
The disposable Ambu PEEP valve 20 valve is MR Conditional
according to ASTM F 2503.
The Ambu disposable PEEP valve 20 can be used in an MR
environment. This means for example in the MR system room or
close to the scanner. The following conditions must be met:
• Static magnetic field of 3-Tesla or less
• Highest spatial gradient field of 720-Gauss/CM or less
The PEEP valve is not intended to be in direct contact with a
a patient undergoing an MR procedure.
Ambu Disposable PEEP valve 20 is adjustable between
1.5-20 H2O cm. It has 30 mm connector


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