Product Description

AutoVent 2000 Automatic Transport Ventilator – Pre-Hospital Ventilation

Includes control module, patient valve with supply tubing, 6′ O2 hose & non-rebreathing valve to attach PEEP with connecting tubing (PEEP sold separately); for adult use only.

The Autovent 2000  transport ventilators for EMS professionals.

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Small, compact, and transport ready.
It works in harsh and toxic environments.
Operating instructions printed on the case.
Impact-resistant case with shock-absorbing bumpers.
Rate and volume settings to operate separately
Operates exclusively on standard 50 psi source gas, eliminating air entrainment and maintaining the integrity of the specified oxygen concentration.
The pneumatic operation, batteries not required.
Allows for PEEP attachment.

Meets ASTM, ISO, and KKK-1822C standards.





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