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New LSP AutoVent 3000 L461 – 2-Second Version for adult or pediatric patients. Allied Healthcare Products quality.  Independent controls for BPM and Tidal Volume.


Small, compact, and transport ready.

Designed to perform in harsh and toxic environments.

Assembles quickly with simplified operating instructions printed on the case.

Impact-resistant case with shock-absorbing bumpers and recessed control settings.

Rate and volume settings independently operated.

Easy-to-monitor patient valve assembly and toxic atmosphere valve are able to deliver additional breaths on demand by inspiratory effort of the patient.

Operates exclusively on standard 50 psi source gas, eliminating air entrainment and maintaining the integrity of the specified oxygen concentration.

Operates at extreme temperatures ranging from 0° F to 125° F.

Pneumatically powered batteries not required.

Allows for PEEP attachment.

Meets ASTM, ISO and KKK-1822C standards.

Control Modules

Supply Pressure Range: 40-60 psig

Operating Temperature: 0° F to 125° F

Storage Temperature: -40° F to 160° F

Frequency -AV3000: 8 to 28 BPM

Tidal Volume -AV3000: 200 to 1200 ml

Flow Rate: 16 to 48 lpm

Inspiratory Time -AV3000: approx. .75, 1.5, or 2.0 seconds

Expiratory Time: 1.5 to 6.0 seconds

I-E Ratio: 1:1 to 1:4

Dimensions: 6″ W x 1-3/4″ D x 3-1/2″ H

Case Material: polyester

Input connection: plated brass

Output Connection: plated brass

Minute Volume: 0 to 24 lpm

Gas Consumption Driving Gas: 0.5 lpm maximum

Driving Gas: 0.5 lpm maximum

Each AutoVent is accompanied by the proven LSP patient valve with its bright green visual breath indicator, built-in audible pressure limit alarm, and intermittent mandatory ventilation providing gas flow for spontaneous breathing patients. The patient valve is available with an anti-inhalation valve for use in toxic environments



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