Product Description

Nylon Multi-Colored Body Strap System backboard use

Backboard not included.

U Body™ Nylon Multi-Colored Body Strap System

The Multi-Colored U Body Strap System is made with 2″ Nylon Webbing. It has two (2) Y style shoulder straps with four (4) body straps. Hook and Loop Closures allow for a secure attachment.

Red Nylon Shoulder Straps

Black Nylon Anchor Strap

Blue Nylon Chest Strap

Maroon Nylon Waist Strap

Green Nylon Hip Strap

Orange Nylon Leg Strap

Yellow Nylon Ankle Strap

Item # 20100MC
Multi-Colored Body Strap, each

All Strap Systems have Hook & Loop Closures that secure to backboards.


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