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EP+R Spine Boards-BAK-PAK II™

Long Spine Immobilization Board

The BAK-PAK II™ Long Spine Immobilization Board was designed by an EMT and constructed by a mechanical engineer with the intention of making a board where every inch, every contour and every feature will serve a purpose.

The BAK-PAK II™ spine board is constructed of LLD polyethylene, and is foam-filled – making it great for water rescues! Guaranteed not to crack, splinter or chip. The convex bottom’s built-in runners provide raised access to the easy-grip handles.

Features and Benefits Extra-large hand holds fit even bulky firefighter gloves

Compatible with most head immobilizers

Includes Strap Pak™ Patient Restraint Starter Kit

100% X-ray translucent

Easy to clean

Available in 10 pin configuration

Impact resistance in hot or cold temperatures

Highly resistant to blood, oils, acids and other chemical contaminates

100% guarantee under normal usage

Product Numbers

EP-101 BAK-PAK  W/O Pins

EP-102P BAK-PAK  W/Pins


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