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* Reinforced edges for maximum strength
* Extra large
* Easy-to-use re-sealable self-adhesive closure along full length


Blizzard Survival Blanket

1. Open the package and remove the blanket.
2. Unroll and stretch the blanket sideways, to its limit, to open the cells.
3. Lay out the blanket, perforated side up, colored edges at sides. If necessary, place padding under the blanket to improve insulation. Position the casualty in the center of the blanket.
4. Pull the pink plastic tab to remove the backing from the adhesive strip along the end of the blanket.
5. Wrap the blanket around the casualty. Use the sticky strip to tack the edge of the blanket down.
6. With the casualty wrapped, tug the blanket lengthways to help the cells inflate properly. Repeat this if the cells lose their shape.
7. The self-adhesive strip can be opened and re-closed to examine the casualty.

Blizzard Protection Systems (BPS) manufactures a range of products designed for the military, emergency preparedness, law enforcement markets, as well as outdoor sports, casualty care, disaster relief, evacuation, medical treatment, and personal survival. This radical new technology provides maximum warmth and weather protection in the most compact of packages.

Our Reflexcell material reduces shock and guards against the risk of hypothermia in all conditions.

How does it work?

Reflexcell, the base material for Blizzards unique products, has major advantages over existing materials and is revolutionizing emergency thermal protection.

Reflexcell utilizes cellular construction to trap warm air. Its elasticity draws the material to the body and reduces cold spaces and heat loss by convection. Its silvered surfaces block heat loss by radiation. It is also completely waterproof and windproof.

Reflexcells greatest strength is that it can be compressed into the tiniest of packages and stored indefinitely without damaging its performance.


* Very warm
* Light weight
* Compact vacuum packaging
* Durable and reusable
* Waterproof
* Windproof
* Versatile
* Adaptable


* Military Medics & Soldiers
* First Responders
* Emergency Medical Services
* Law Enforcement
* Disaster Preparedness
* Homeland Security
* Search and Rescue
* Sports and Outdoors


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