Product Description


The Datalys 750 Multiparameter Patient Monitor is highly mobile and versatile and goes where your patients need to go. It is easily transportable, attaches to bed frames, poles, and has a variety of mounting systems of its own. With the ambulatory adapter, it assists first responders at the scene of the medical emergency, helping our medical professionals save lives and assisting in monitoring of critical vital signs data. It comes equipped with the following features: 1) An 8.4″ color touch screen display, 2) Manual, automatic and continuous measurement modes of NIBP, 3) Network capabilities, 4) Alarm limit setup, 5) Rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Optional features include: 1) Internal thermal printer, 2) 2 x IBP, 3) Ambulance 12V DC application, 4) Full mounting equipment including wall mount, vertical roll stand, bed rail clamp and hook.


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