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Church Truck

Made of strong, rectangular, aluminum tube, the Model 87 Church Truck features a protective, adonized finish that keeps the truck looking bright and shiny-new as well as making it easy to clean. The stable x-frame undercarraige and rubber rests help to secure the casket. Six-inch, rubber tires roll easily over carpet, sills and other obstacles with quiet dignity. When moded without a casket, a special, built-in handle allows the truck to be pushed, pulled or carried.

The Model 87 Church Truck locks in four positions, allowing a wide range of casket sizes to be displayed with one truck. The additional length also increases the stability and makes an attractive appearance.

Product Specifications:
Folded 6.25" (16cm)
1st Intermediate Position 15.25" (39cm)
2nd Intermediate Position 29" (74cm)
3rd Intermediate Position 49" (126cm)
Fully Extended 61.25" (157cm)
Folded 28.5" (73cm)
1st Intermediate Position 27.75" (71cm)
2nd Intermediate Position 27" (69cm)
3rd Intermediate Position 24.25" (62cm)
Fully Extended 20.75" (53cm)
21.5" (55cm)
35 lb. (16kg)
Maximum Load
1000lb (454kg)



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