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This is the complete deluxe oxygen kit model 704 from Ferno. The BackPack Portable SAR
P/N 205 – "DD"-Lite Carbon Fiber Oxygen Vessel
P/N 820 – BravO2 Oxygen Regulator
P/N 2644009 BackPack Portable SAR Case

Complete SAR BackPack Portable Kit combines all the great features of
the Kigali Series backpack with a quality Spiracle oxygen delivery
system. A strong, lightweight “DD”-Lite carbon fiber oxygen cylinder
with BRAVO2 oxygen regulator are held in place by a large sleeve with
retaining strap inside the backpack’s main compartment. The Deluxe Kit
also includes an OX-series inhalator with oxygen hose, and an adult size
Spiracle/MEDS PPV mask. –


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