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ScoopEXL Stretcher (Catalog ID: PT6550)Yellow

Ferno’s Scoop EXL Stretcher provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization. The Scoop EXL eliminates the need for log-roll maneuvers, which significantly decreases movement to the cervical spine.



Made from lightweight, high-impact composite materials Twin aluminum safety lock for smooth and nonbinding locking and unlocking

Includes three burgundy restraints Safe

Two hinged, interlocking pieces allow operators to gently scoop up a patient without having to roll them, decreasing movement to the cervical spine

Head section recessed to maintain proper cervical alignment Supports a patient in the position found, reducing risk of further injury

Easy-to clean surface is impervious to fluids.

X-ray translucent


Thermally-treated polymer construction does not get too hot or cold, allowing for greater patient comfort.

Four adjustable length options accommodate patients of different heights.


Narrow foot end and split-apart design provide easier use in confined space immobilization.

Oval profile and angled handles provide ergonomic ease of use Folds to 47″ for compact carrying and storage

Product Specifications:

Length: Open: 65″ (166 cm) Folded: 47″ (120 cm)

Width: 17″ (43 cm)

Height: Open: 3″ (7 cm) Folded: 4″ (9 cm)

Load Limit: 350 lb. (150 kg)


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