Product Description

Flexible Stretcher with Builtin Restraints (Catalog ID: PT1370)

Constructed of 18-ounce nylon and solid oak slats, the flexible stretcher’s heat-sealed seams protect the slats and reinforce the overall construction.

Three 2" web straps secure the carrier around the body and the six handles make it easy to carry the body.

Available in international orange and burgundy

    • Assists in moving patients through narrow openings or down steep staircases, and in handling unruly patients
    • Solid-oak slat supports encased in heavyduty, vinylcoated nylon
    • Stretcher seams are electronically welded so blood and bodily fluids can’t penetrate the surface.
    • Six carrying handles enable EMTs to maneuver patient
    • Available model with built-in restraints that include chest, hip and individual leg straps
    • Flame resistant
    • Available in burgundy and orange
    • Includes chest, hip, and individual leg straps

Load limit: 500 lbs

Weight: 15.5 lbs

Length: 78 inches

Width: 28 inches


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