Millennia™ Boards (Catalog ID: IE8000)

The Millennia™ Plastic Backboard’s design provides maneuverability in close confinement. Its contoured shape with easy-slide features allows for efficient and smooth patient movement. Due to its lightweight, innovative construction, the Millennia has a 350-pound load capacity. The Millennia is made of a foam-filled construction and contains five pairs of X-ray translucent polycarbonate speed clip pins which are offset for various strapping configurations. Millennia Backboards are X-ray translucent, easy to clean and can be used for water rescue.


Slick surface for easy transfer
Minimal deflection for improved patient stabilization Wider, longer handholds for increased EMT control
Compact, tapered design for easy maneuverability and storage Sealed construction for resistance to fluids, chemicals and temperature
10 X-ray-translucent, polycarbonate speed-clip pins arranged for various strapping configurations
Special mounting slots for the Ferno Model 445 Head Immobilizer
Available in 16″ and 18″ widths and an assortment of colors, including burgundy, yellow, white, orange and blue.

Product Specifications:

Length: 72″ (183 cm)
Width: 18″ (46 cm)
Height: 2″ (5 cm)
Weight: 11 lb. (5 kg)
Load Capacity: 450lb. (159 kg)


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