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This cot fastener system improves fastening security and meets published standard AMD 004 and KKK A-1822A. The model 175 fastener series consists of a front antler bracket that secures both of the front loading wheels of the ambulance cot and a rear fastener rail that secures to the cot frame. Different mounting assemblies are available depending on your use requirements. Permanent mounting assemblies attach to the vehicle floor or sidewall and cannot be removed without tools. Quick detachable assemblies are removable by loosening the knurled knob threaded bolts.

Removable fasteners permit center mounting of your cot and facilitate easier cleaning of the vehicle floor. The model 175 cot fastener system fits all Ferno model 35A cots, 35IT incubator transporter, and 93ES cots, as well as model 30 cots with 5 wheels and supporting frame posts that project upward from the lower frame of the cot undercarriage. It also fits models 26 and 29-M cots shipped after August 1979. The exact placement of the fastener is different for each model. For example, a model 30 cot can be interchanged with a model 29-M cot, but additional mounting plates and modifications to the fastener rail are necessary. Detachable floor mount for rear fastener rail. Detachable floor mount for front antler. Dual position of floor plates for center-mount positioning of ambulance cot. Both sections of fastener removable permitting easy cleaning of the ambulance floor and sidewall.


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