Gomco Disposable Collection Units & Accessories

Virtually every benefit hospital personnel could want…built in. The Gomco Disposable Suction Canisters are simple, convenient, and economical for single patient use – designed with the end user in mind. Gomco canisters are designed to be adaptable to all Gomco portable suction pumps.

A unique hydro-filter shut-off system.

The heart of any single patient use disposable suction collection canister is a shut off system that helps prevent damage to the suction pump. The Gomco disposable suction canister incorporates a positive hydrophobic filter shut-off system that is sensitive to the foam or fluid. The Gomco Hydro-Filter Shut-Off also incorporates a pre-filter design to be used with laser surgery. The new Gomco Hydro-Filter Shut-Off automatically shuts off the suction as fluids arrive near the top of the suction canister. Once the fluid or foam reaches the hydro-filter, the canister will discontinue filling and will be leak tight for final disposal. Plug and caps are provided for capping all ports to make the canister a closed system.

Large and small capacity collection canisters for different volume fluid demand, 2100ml and 1100ml sizes.

Easy to read calibrations – critical care measurements on 1100ml model.

Soft lid for ease of sealing – seals with a snap.

Removable patient tubing inlet – horizontal to help prevent occlusion of tubing.

Large pour spout can serve as an accessory port when specimen collection is required.
Port can be capped to make a closed system.

Labeled vacuum and patient ports.

Unique hydrophobic filter shut-off.

Tandem capability for large volume procedures by removal of filter shut-off assembly.

Patient information area for recording data.

Space-saving packaging – canisters and caps are packaged to save valuable storage space.

Convenient locating ring for use with mobile units.

No adaptation required on portable pumps (excluding 406, 280 and 1180).



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