01-52-4042 115V/60 Hz, with one 2800 ml reusable polycarbonate bottle.

01-52-4043 115V/60 Hz, with one 2100 ml disposable canister

The Gomco 4032 and 4042 are high performance, general use aspirators. Both models generate up to -635 mm Hg of
vacuum pressure and a 40 lpm flow rate at open flow. The Gomco 4032 comes with a 600 ml or an 1100 ml collection
unit and is ideal for clinics, whereas the Gomco 4042 has high a capacity 2800 ml or 2100 ml collection unit and is
better suited for hospitals.

Key Features

Powerful rotary vane pump excels at pharyngeal and nasopharyngeal procedures

Easy-to-store and transport compact design with a flat stainless steel top

Convenient storage for a 6′ hospital grade electrical cord

Disposable hydrophobic bacteria filter helps prevent fluid and aerosol contamination


Vacuum Range: -80 to -635 mm Hg

Flow Rate: 40 lpm at open flow

Sound Level: Less than 54 dBA

Pump Type: Oil-less rotary vane

Electrical Cord: 6′ hospital grade

Dimensions: 18″ W x 17″ D x 33″ H (46 x 43 x 84 cm)

UL/ETL Listed: Yes

Warranty: 1 year
Regulatory approvals: FDA, HC



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