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L722 Kit: Half Back with removable back stay, Vertical Lift Strap & Helmet Immobilizer. The LSP Half Back is the ultimate extrication device with vertical lift capability  for patients with suspected cervical/spinal injuries during confined space  extrication (such as automobile, storage tank, ship, etc.). It comes complete  with a V-shaped padded head rest and a full head harness, with an optional
helmet harness for helmeted victims. The Half Back’s aluminum back stay and  closed-cell foam interior combine to provide the most effective body  immobilization during extrication.

The rugged and versatile LSP Half Back is a unique vertical extrication device that combines the capabilities
of a full body harness with the ability to immobilize the patient if cervical/spinal trauma is suspected. The
LSP Half Back consists of two components: a rugged, padded full body harness and a removable aluminum
back stay with head immobilizer. This unique design allows for rapid immobilization and vertical extrication
of a patient in a confined or elevated space, including but not limited to high rise buildings, storage tanks,
ships and automobiles.


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