Product Description

Pediatric/Universal Vacuum Mattress Set: Each set includes carry case, pump, alternate vacuum source adapter, repair kit and replacement valve.

The EMS IMMOBILE-VAC Pediatric/Universal Vacuum Mattress is the single most versatile of the EMS IMMOBILE-VAC family of products. It has the same durable and easy to use features as the Full Body Mattress but is designed to adapt to a wider variety of injuries.
Similar to wrapping a child in a blanket, the Pediatric/Universal Mattress uses the mattress as the restraints, not thin hook and loop straps. The pliability of the mattress enables the rescuer to maintain an open airway, unlike hard pediatric immobilizers. The styrofoam inner beads act as an insulator to help keep the patient warm. The Pediatric/Universal Mattress is so cost effective as to make all other pediatric immobilizers obsolete.

Dimensions:  46″L x 31″ W.

Straps:  2″ x 55″  ( 4 )

Handles: 2 sets


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