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The EP-191  Improved Traction Device is the first product innovation in single-pole traction devices in over 25 years.

Emergency Products + Research continues to raise the bar when it comes to product lines for emergency personnel, and we have delivered in all areas with the ITD.

• CE Compliant

Improved Carbon Fiber: This material is 10 times stronger and lighter than the aluminum pole currently used.

The Carbon Fiber Traction Pole Does not conduct heat away from the patient, nor does it transfer cold to the patient as an aluminum pole will.Improved X-Ray Translucency:

The traction pole is made from x-ray translucent carbon fiber.

Improved Traction Anchor: The I.T.D. Traction Anchor Point is virtually indestructible.

It is constructed out of the latest polymers which maintain its material integrity in extreme temperatures + or – degrees.

As opposed to the inexpensive and outdated plastic dart in the market today, our traction anchor does not break at the top.

The old dart becomes extremely brittle at high or low temperatures and fails.

During traction with the I.T.D., the ankle hitch is forced down into the anchor point, virtually eliminating any chance for the hitch to ride up and off of the anchor.

Molle Style Carry Bag Size:
10″ x 5″ x 2.5″
(254 mm x 127 mm x 6.5 mm)
5 Year Warranty


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