LSP L270-220 Oxygen pressure regulator 0-25 lpm, with gauge, 2 check valves, hose barb outlet. 5-year Warranty

LSP regulators feature uni-body construction designed to strengthen the regulator, minimize potential leak paths, and prevent breakage of the yoke cylinder connection assembly.

A machined aluminum casting housing on the Rhino protects the contents gauge from breaking.

The low profile gauge housing is mounted on the industry-proven brass 270 series regulator featured on the previous page.

Machined aluminum gauge housing Uni-body anodized all-brass construction. Break-resistant recessed constant flow selector knob.

Internal safety relief valve Durable, replaceable T handle Dual safety relief valves for increased equipment safety. 10-year warranty.

Yoke Pin-Index, 2 Male Oxygen DISS Outlets With 2 Check Valves, 40-60 psi Outlet
Pressure, Constant Flow With Barbed Outlet (0,1,2,4,5,8,10,12,15,18,20,25 LPM), Gauge cover.


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