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L034-103 R Elder Demand/Resuscitator Valve, with extension lever and 6′ (1.8 m) oxygen hose, 40 lpm flow rate

The LSP Elder Demand/Resuscitator Valve is designed to provide 100% oxygen to a breathing or non-breathing patient in an emergency situation. The valve is designed for use with a mask, endotracheal tube, tracheotomy tube or esophageal airway.

The non-breathing valve permits it to be used as a resuscitator in combination with a manually operated button located on top of the valve.

The Demand Resuscitation Valve complies with AHA guidelines recommending that 100% oxygen be given to victims of a heart attack and/or smoke inhalation.
The valve can be used in conjunction with a portable oxygen cylinder equipped with a pressure regulator or with a central oxygen source. The valve operates on a regulated oxygen supply of 40-60 psig (275 to 413 kPa) and reduces this pressure to a physiologically acceptable level with a pressure limit of 60±5 cm H2O. This prevents excessive buildup of intrapulmonary pressures and over-inflation of the lungs.

The slight negative pressure created by a spontaneously breathing patient’s inspiratory effort triggers the valve from a non-flow state to a flowing state. The greater the inspiratory effort, the higher the flow. When the inspiratory effort stops, the flow stops.

The Demand/Resuscitator Valve provides an accurate constant flow rate of 40 lpm to help prevent gastric inflation, as ecommended by the AHA. It is also available with a minimum flow rate setting of 160 lpm.

Key Features
Maximum cylinder use … flow rate of 40 lpm is maintained at cylinder pressures between 500-2200 psig (3447 to 15168 kPa), allowing for complete use of cylinder contents

Easy to clean and service … valve obstruction may be removed during resuscitation with minimal interruption; valve may also be chemically disinfected

Compact, lightweight and durable … will withstand corrosive materials and harsh weather conditions


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