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Both the Demand/Resuscitator Valves and the Elder Demand Valves comply with AHA guidelines recommending that 100% oxygen be given to victims of heart attack or smoke inhalation.

The valves can be used in conjunction with a portable oxygen cylinder equipped with a pressure regulator, or with a central oxygen source. The valves can be used with a mask, an endotracheal tube, or a tracheotomy tube.

The Elder Demand Valve has the ability to also be used with an esophageal airway.

Elder demand/resuscitator valve 40 LPM and hoses.

The LSP Elder Demand Valve is designed to provide 100% oxygen to a breathing or nonbreathing patient in an emergency situation.

* Prevents over-inflation
* Use as a demand valve
* Use as a resuscitator
* Accurates flow rates
* Maximum cylinder use
* Easy to clean
* Durable
* Used with a portable oxygen cylinder or with a central oxygen source.
* Complies with AHA Guidelines


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