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Demand/Resuscitator Valve, 40 lpm flow rate (restricted flow). although the picture shows the elder demand valve with a mask, the price is only for the valve.

Both the Demand/Resuscitator Valves and the Elder Demand Valves comply with AHA guidelines for smoke inhalation or heart attack.

For use  with a mask, an endotracheal tube, or a tracheostomy tube and Esophageal airway

The LSP Elder Demand Valve to provide 100% oxygen to a breathing or nonbreathing patient in an emergency situation. The valve is designed for use with a mask, endotracheal tube, esophageal airway or tracheostomy tube.

To use in conjuntion with a portable oxygen cylinder equipped with a pressure regulator or with a central oxygen source.

Prevents over-inflation
Use as a demand valve or Resuscitator
Accurate flow rates
Maximum cylinder use
Easy to clean
Complies with AHA Guidelines



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