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LSP L238-212 reusable Bag valve Child mask # 2 and Oxygen Enrichment Assembly

L238 Reusable Manual Resuscitators are front-fill manual resuscitation systems that are available in adult and child sizes.

They are fully autoclavable at 134°C (273°F) or cold sterilizable.

The L238 features a silicone bag which provides an excellent “feel” of the patient’s respiratory response, and the durable polysulfone patient valve and bag adapter ensure an extended life even when subjected to repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.

The L238 comes with our patented Tru-Fit mask which molds to the patient’s face while maintaining a secure fit.

This flexible and durable mask retains its original shape and is autoclavable at 134°C (273°F).

When connected to a metered low flow oxygen source via the L003482 oxygen enrichment assembly, the L238 resuscitator can deliver FiO2concentrations between 73% and 97%.

Used in conjunction with an L471 bag refill valve, it ensures 100% oxygen is delivered during resuscitation.


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