Product Description

L701 Miller Board Full Body Splint With V-Head Rest and Heard Harness Military (Olive) 100% XRay Translucent.

The “Miller Board” for search and rescue, confined spaces.

Hook and loop straps allow rapid immobilization of a patient.

The “V” shaped headrest creates a two-point contact providing better immobilization of the head by reducing the possibility of any lateral movement.

The victim can be vertically lifted on the Miller Board during confined space extrication.

The body harness and head harness will adjust in size to accommodate anyone from a small child to a large adult.

Optional helmet harness is available.

A rigid foam core gives the board strength to prevent bowing.

It also provides buoyancy for those hazardous water rescues.

Load Capacity: 350 lbs.

Measures: 65.75″Lx14″Wx3.25″D


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