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Infant/Pediatric Immobilization Board, with plastic clips and carry bag

CE certified.

This versatile system allows easy immobilization of a child with spinal injuries or just in need of restraint. Will accommodate children from 25-54 inches in length and 10-75 pounds.

The unique harness system allows easy manipulation of the child for proper airway management or radiologic procedures.

Complete with an adjustable padded full-head harness. For additional flexibility, the harness is removable.

The split leg strapping design allows each leg to be treated separately. Built in arm/wrist restraints and ankle straps.

Integral attaching straps make the board compatible with the Miller Board and most other backboards.

The Infant/Pediatric Board is completely radiotransparent and fully MRI compatible, allowing immobilization during x ray or MRI.

LSP Infant/Pediatric Immobilization Board (SW-484) with the OPTIONAL Drug Dosage and Patient Management Sleeve (SW-4847)

is designed to enable you to attach the Broselow Tape or a customized patient management system as an integral part of the Immobilization Board.

47″ 3/4 L x 9″ 3/4 W, 6 pounds. Radioparent



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