Product Description

The LSP  XTRA Backboard with the tradition of excellence in providing the EMS professional with affordable products of the highest quality.

Allied’s XTRA Backboard is one of the most rigid backboards available.

Fully x-ray translucent between the handholds, XTRA  provides approximately 50% greater “clear” area at the head of the backboard than our nearest competitor

Minimal deflection.

XTRA also has high buoyancy for water rescue.

This rigidity helps ensure the safety of your patient during transport, while the x-ray translucency allows for easy viewing of post-trauma x-rays.

The XTRA backboard works with all head immobilizers and strapping system, is easily cleaned, and will not retain pathogens

Available in four colors, 14-pin configurations.


Length: 71″

Width: 15.75″

Depth: 1.85″

Capacity: 500 lbs.



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