Product Description

MAD600 Laryngo-tracheal atomizer with 3ml syringe. 25/box

For spraying topical anesthetics in the laryngo-tracheal region.

Atomized Spray

  • Fine mist for direct coverage of nose, pharynx, larynx and trachea

    Narrow Profile

  • Fits through vocal cords, down LMA or into nasal cavity

    Malleable Applicator

  • Retains memory to adapt to individual patient’s anatomy

    Medication Specific

  • Clinician chooses medication(s), dose and volume
  • Use topical anesthetic, vasoconstrictor, thrombin, etc.
  • Refill as needed on same patient

    No Expiration Date

  • Unlimited shelf life eliminates waste and saves money

    Luer Connection

  • Adapts to any luer lock syringe
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