Product Description

MRI compatible fiber optic pulse oximeter. Sensors available.

The unit comes without sensor.

Nonin 7500 product highlights:

Convenient — Lightweight & compact
Easy-To-Use — Bright LED displays and large display screen offer clear readability
Durable — Rugged design
Powerful — Over 70 hours of memory available for extended monitoring
Versatile — Monitors neonate to adult patients in acute care to homecare environments
Flexible — Use as a stand alone device or interface with other equipment User-Friendly Interface

The Nonin 7500 provides a variety of display indicators that ensure reliable readings.

Pulse Strength Bar GraphPulse Strength Bar Graph
Color coded bar graph assists in assessing the patient’s status. An audible tone sounds with each pulse. The pitch changes with the patient’s saturation level.

Pulse Quality IndicatorPulse Quality Indicator
Detects patient movement or signal quality changes that may require sensor site stabilization.

Sensor Fault IndicatorSensor Fault Indicator
Indicates when a sensor has become disconnected, misaligned, failed, or is incompatible with the monitor.


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