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Neonate Acrylic-block Low flow oxygen flowmeter 0-200 cc w/Chemetron QC. Also available with Ohmeda quick connector.

Acrylic Block Construction: Virtually Indestructible

Specialty Applications: NICU & Pediatric Wards

5 Year Warranty.

For extremely low flow situations.

Neonate Acrylic-block oxygen flowmeter 0-200 cc w/Chemetron QC

Because we understand that special care with extreme accuracy is critical to fragile, little bodies, Classic Neonatal Flowmeters are specially designed.
Our Classic 200 is designed for the extreme low flow accuracy required in perinatal and neonatal applications. The scale is calibrated from 25 to 200 cc/minute in 25 cc increments, with an accuracy of +/-10% of full scale. A special valve design allows excellent adjustability even at these extremely low flow rates.


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