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Model 175-5 Cot Fastener (Catalog ID: CF1755)

175-5 Fastener Kit Complete (Removable Antler, Permanent Floor Mount)

The Model 175 offers a complete line of fasteners for securing the ambulance cot in your vehicle.

Front antler bracket secures front wheels of cot.
Rear fastener rail secures cot frame.
Permanent and detachable mounting configurations available for specific needs and vehicle type
Compatible with Model 29-M, Model 30 Series, Models 35-A, 35-A+, and 35-P PROFlexx, Models 93ES and 93EX, 93-P PROFlexx, XCalibur and POWERFlexx Cots
Rail and antler also available in stainless steel
Model 175-5 features a detachable floor mount for the front antler and permanent wall mount for the rear fastener rail.


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