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HeartStart Trainer Internal Manikin adapter Item – M5088A is compatible with OnSite Trainer and FRx Trainers only. The HeartStart FRx Trainer is designed for use with HeartStart Training Pads II and training manikins when equipped with the External Manikin Adapter M5089A provided with the Trainer. The FRx Trainer and Training Pads II can also be used with Laerdal training manikins when equipped with an Internal Manikin Adapter M5088A, available separately from Philips. To simulate the patient, use the Training Pads II on a CPR training manikin equipped with a disposable External Manikin Adapter M5089A or an Internal Manikin Adapter M5088A. Alternatively, you can use a Laerdal Resusci Anne training manikin equipped with Laerdal Link technology and an adapter available at most electronics stores. Contact Philips for information. INSTALLING THE INTERNAL MANIKIN ADAPTER The Internal Manikin Adapter M5088A, sold separately, works with Laerdal Little Anne CPR and Laerdal Resusci Anne CPR Manikins.

To install the Internal Manikin Adapter on a Laerdal Little Anne CPR or Laerdal Resusci Anne CPR Manikin, follow the steps below:

1. Remove the skin from the manikin.

2. Peel off the liner from the adhesive backing of the Internal Manikin Adapter.

3. Place the Internal Manikin Adapter sections in the appropriate locations on the underside of the manikin’s skin. See the Instructions for Use provided with the Internal Manikin Adapter for detailed placement illustrations.

4. Replace the manikin skin.

5. Using the Trainer in a practice trial, check that the Internal Manikin Adapter is located appropriately to teach proper pad placement


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