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Rescue Randy with additional reinforcement for more durability. Made of durable vinyl with 4100 lb. Used by the U.S. Military, Fire, and Police Departments, Safety Teams, and Emergency Personnel for rescue and extrication from pole tops, confined spaces, collapsed buildings, smoke rooms, and ladder carry-down protocols worldwide. Perfect to use with the Manikin Moulage Kit for casualty simulation. Dimensions: 72 inches.

I.A.F.F. Rescue Randy

A Rescue Randy including all the same features and durability of the Combat Challenge manikins was designed with the help of the I.A.F.F. This model includes additional reinforcement of the buttocks to increase durability for lifelike adult victim handling, transportation, and extrication training. Clothing not included. Size: 55″ x 27″ x 13″.


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