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Resusci Anne CPR Torso with Skillguide

Simulates an adult of average physiology, and is designed for realistic training of basic life support techniques in accordance with international recommendations.

Features included in the manikin are:

Natural obstruction of the airway

Movable jaw

Sanitary one-way valve membrane and non-rebreathing valve

Human-like compliance for inflations and compressions

Chest rise with inflations

Realistic landmarks for compression point location

Carotid pulse, manual

Use of ventilation mask or manual bag-valve-mask resuscitator can be practiced

Skillguide (colour light display in English language) powered by four 1.5 V alkaline batteries, size C indicating:

Inflation volume (sufficient/excessive)

Compression depth (sufficient/excessive)

Wrong hand position

Too fast inflation

Supplied with 4 face masks, 3 airways, carrying case, jacket, disinfectant.


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