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L554-005 Reusable BAG VALVE MASK complete with mask, oxygen tube and reservoir in cardboard box .

L554 Reusable Bag Valve Masks are available in rear-fill and front-fill systems. These BVMs offer low cost, portability and ease of maintenance coupled with ability to manually feel a patient’s respiratory response.

The complete bag valve mask has three basic modular components: a Latex-free silicone bag in adult, child and infant sizes; a patient valve that works with sizes of bags; and a mask in adult, child and infant sizes.

The rear-fill assembly can deliver high FIO 2 concentrations depending on the oxygen flow. A bag refill valve may be connected to ensure high FIO 2 concentrations.

The infant bag comes with a pop-off relief adapter, which pops off at 45 cm H 2 0 and can be over-ridden the operator. All infant bag valve mask configurations come with mask sizes 0, 1 & 2.

The bag valve masks are available in a variety of configurations. The adult, child and infant size BVMs with masks can be ordered together or packaged separately, in either a cardboard box or plastic carrying case.



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