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Ambu PEEP Valve 20, for respirators/Ventilators/CPAP system 22/19 mm.


Ambu PEEP Valves to use with manual resuscitators, ventilators, anesthesia machines (where specified by the manufacturer) and CPAP systems.

Ambu PEEP Valves to fit directly to the patient valve of any original Ambu resuscitator without additional connectors.

The Reusable Ambu PEEP valves can be repeatedly autoclaved at 134°Celsius.


Disposable PEEP 20: adjustable between1.5-20 H2O cm, 30 mm connector

Reusable PEEP 10: adjustable between 0-10 H2O cm, 30 mm and 18 mm connector

Reusable PEEP 20: adjustable between 1.5-20 H2O cm, 30 mm and 18 mm connector.

30 mm connection fits all Ambu Mark IV, Oval Silicone and SPUR II

18 mm connection fits Silicone Infant and “old” Ambu Baby R.

PEEP Valve 20 000177000 for Respirators/CPAP Systems 22/19 Reusable

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