Product Description

The Rico Model RS-6 meets all ambulance and portable aspirator requirements with unmatched dependability.

A highly flexible unit that can be shelf or floor-mounted and used in the ambulance, or when needed, can be quickly dismounted for use outside the ambulance. Can also be used for air ambulances and first aid rooms.

Operates from either ambulance engine or the double-action hand pump (Item 2080) that maintains continuous vacuum while being actuated.

All metal parts are of plated brass, steel or aluminum, with a machined acrylic plastic head and reusable vacuum container.

The disposable Sani-Liner (Item 1019) fits inside the container to receive the aspirated contents. A new Sani-Liner can be quickly and easily fitted into the container.

The Rico RS-6 comes complete with the necessary fittings, installation instructions and one (1) package (containing 24/each) Sani-Liners.

Rico RS-6 Fixed/Portable

Item       1003

Weight   7 lbs

Size         11"W x 6.5"D x 11.5"H (27.94cm W x 13.97cm D x 29.21cm H)



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