Product Description

Aspirators—Rico Model RS-4XP
For Ambulance or Aircraft Use-Designed to Conserve Space

Rico RS-4XP Aspirator is designed to conserve space in the ambulance or
aircraft while maintaining high performance and reliability.

The unit includes a vacuum gauge, an on/off regulating valve and an adapter
(Item 2053P) which can be plugged directly into any vacuum wall outlet.
It is completely self-contained and has a vacuum bottle capacity of
1000 ml. All metal parts are plated steel or aluminum, with its head
manufactured from machined polypropylene.

The reusable vacuum container is machined
from acrylic plastic. The screw type bottle and head secures the "O"
ring, providing a positive seal.

Rico disposable Sani-Liner (Item 1019) bags are available with this unit to accept aspirated contents for simple disposal and clean-up.

Originally designed for use in helicopters
and aircraft, this unit can be used with engine suction or electric
motor vacuum pump.

Rico RS-4XP Plug in Unit

Item        1001A

Weight    2.5 lbs

Size         15"H x 3.25"W extension from wall 5"

                38.10 cm H x 8.89 cm W


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