Product Description

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S-SCORT EVX: Variable Regulator and Gauge; Universal Canister Bracket with Bemis
Canister; Fixed Voltage Charger and DC Cable Included

Onboard and portable suction pump for EMS

is an economical portable, powerful and "fireman proof" tough, battery
powered suction unit. Powerful enough to meet state, national and
international standards, and versatile enough to provide essential
medical suction inside and outside the vehicle.

The optional charging/retention bracket holds the unit securely in place and provides vehicle power to run the EVX as an onboard suction, while charging the internal battery.

Removed from the bracket, the EVX is a versatile, durable, economical, full featured portable, suction unit.

The battery is recharged by direct connection to the vehicle or an optional SSCOR fixed voltage charger.


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