Product Description

Only for export. S-SCORT VX-2®: Battery Condition Indicator; Variable Regulator and Gauge; Internal Battery  Care System; Includes Charging/Retention Bracket; Universal Canister Bracket with Bemis  Canister.


Onboard and portable suction pump for EMS

is a portable, powerful and "Fireman-proof" tough, battery powered
suction unit. Powerful enough to meet state, national and international
standards, and versatile enough to provide essential medical suction
inside and outside the vehicle.

Two ways to power the VX-2.
The optional charging/retention bracket holds the unit securely in
place and provides vehicle power to run the VX-2 as an onboard suction,
while charging the internal battery.
Removed from the bracket, the VX-2 is a versatile, durable, economical, full featured portable, suction unit.

The VX-2
comes with a sealed lead acid battery for reliability, a convenient and
field friendly regulator, disposable fluid collection, tubing storage
and lots of power.

The VX-2
battery care system will bring the battery quickly to full charge and
drop back to "float" when the battery reaches full charge, eliminating
overcharging. In addition, it will inform the operator of anticipated
running time and will automatically disconnect a depleted battery to
protect it from a destructive deep discharge.

The battery is recharged by an internal, DC dual mode battery
charger which is powered by the AC-DC converter or direct connection to
the vehicle electrical system.


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