Product Description

The airway will accept all field devices such as E.T., L.T., Combitube®, L.M.A., E.O.A., N.P.A., LT King, and O.P.A. adjuncts. Anatomical landmarks include: teeth, tongue, uvula, epiglottis, vocal chords, trachea, and larynx. Includes a soft carry bag, simulated blood powder, and lubricant. Size: 30″ x 17″ x 10″.

This Critical Airway Management Torso provides training in critical thinking and relevant applications for traumatized airway victims.

The trauma head simulates: tongue swelling, laryngospasm, a small mouth opening, restricted jaw movement, two external bleeding locations, and one internal bleeding location. The cricothyrotomy feature has replaceable neck skins allowing economical, multiple applications.


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