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• Timer Sure-Grip Oxygen Flowmeter
• Replaced the Soft-Touch brand-same basic product but with a new deeper ridged knob
• Designed to be long lasting and durable based upon years of flowmeter manufacturing
• Crack-resistant polycarbonate hood
• Nickel-plated solid brass body provides high durability and long life
• Dual-tapered metering tube provides outstanding accuracy on 0-15 lpm
• Steel float eliminates sticking caused by static electricity on 0-15 lpm
• Easier readability on the 0-5 lpm range
• 5 Year Warranty
• 0-15 lpm (liters per minute)(50 psi input pressure)
• DISS Femaler Handtight Backfitting
* Botton outlet : Oxygen Diss male.


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