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1055370 20/Box StatCO2® (with NEW red pull tab for better visibility)

Description End-Tidal CO2 Detector
(For patient body weight greater than 15 Kg.)
The StatCO2 and Mini StatCO2 are fast, durable colorimetric breath indicators for visualization of exhaled CO2 to assist in verifying proper intubation.

Features and Benefits:
Long Shelf Life (up to 2 years)
Rapid Breath-to-Breath Color Change (up to 24 hours)
Convenient Pull Tab – once removed, it activates the device
Functions at Relative Humidity (RH) up to 100%
Detects up to 50 Breaths per Minute
Single Patient Use
StatCO2 – For patients with body weight greater than 15Kg
Mini StatCO2 – For patients with body weight between 1 – 15 kg

The new StatCO2 End Tidal CO2 Detectors can help clinicians comply with the latest American Heart Association Guidelines 2000 for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular care for tube placement Verification.

According to the AHA Guidelines, "In the opinion of many experts the single most important recommendation from the Guidelines 2000 is long overdue; emergency responders must confirm tracheal tube position by using nonphysical examination techniques. These include "end tidal CO2 indicators."

StatCO2 is designed to connect between an endotracheal tube and a breathing device. The patient’s exhalation gas is led through the indicator to detect approximate ranges of end tidal CO2 by color comparison assisting in verification of proper tube placement.

Mini StatCO2TM
Indicator Color: Indicates:
Blue No CO2 is Present
Green Between 1% – 2% CO2 is present
Yellow 5% or more CO2 is present
Permanent Yellow Color A damaged indicator

The Latest Innovations for Tube Placement Verifications.
Mechanical Specifications:
Internal Volume: 25 cc Connector Ports:
Resistance to Flow: 3.0 cm H2O cm Patient End: 15 mm I.D.
nominal at 60 L/min flow Circuit End: 15 mm O.D.
Weight: 22 grams nominal


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