Product Description

MADgic Atomizer with 5 mL Oral Syringe 25/box

The MADgic Laryngo-Tracheal Mucosal Atomization Device from Teleflex offers a versatile choice to administer medication across the entire upper airway and beyond the vocal cords. The MADgic Device is not prefilled, so the clinician can select the type of medication and exact dosing desired. The malleable stylet enables precise, targeted delivery specific to patient’s anatomy.

Consistent, fine atomized spray for direct coverage of nose, pharynx, larynx and trachea
Targeted Coverage – narrow, long stylet easily reaches vocal cords and conforms to patient anatomy
Adapts to any Luer-lock syringe
Clinician chooses the medication and exact dose and volume (down to 0.1 mL)
Available in adult and paediatric sizes


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