THORACIC DRAINAGE PUMPS – 220 V 50 Hz.220V/50-60 Hz, with one 2800 ml reusable polycarbonate bottle. Gomco mobile units are designed ad a special aid to the chest surgeon for post-operative care.

With this unit Thoracic Drainage Aspirator is possible to remove air and luids fron the torax to restore the vacuum to the pleural cavity.

operative drainage. Gentle suction is used to prevent damaging the patient’s lungs.

Stands include 3" non-marking casters, handy cord storage, chemical resistant stainless steel top, compact stand design, graduated 2800 ml glass collection bottle, and hospital grade plug. Models include illuminated on/off switches.

Model 6020: This Model is designed for post-operative care of chest wounds. The manometer is designed to give a visual indicationof function, and to provide regulation of suction form 0 to 25 cm of water while operating for extended periods of time. This pump has applications for neonatal care or for where low volume and flow rates are required. Single 2800 ml collection bottle with calibrated water seal tube is included. This unit is UL listed and CSA certified.


Compressor Thermotic Pump

Vacuum Range 0-25 cm H2O

Flow Rate: 2.3 lpm (minimum)

Dimensions: 33" H x 17" D x 18" W (84 x 43 x 46cm)

Shipping Weight: 65 lb (29 Kg)


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