L610 Trauma Air Pants, pediatric, with 3 gauges, pump assembly, bag. MAST  Medical Anti-Shock Trouser

The LSP Trauma Air Pants are one of the most popular anti hypovolemic shock pants available in the world. The provide complete counter pressure around the legs and abdomen, combining safety and comfort for the patient. The Trauma Air Pants are especially suitable for both pre-hospital and hospital use.

Designed for easy access:

The large inguinal opening provides easy access to blood vessels for catheterization or blood gas collection and allows access across the pelvic surface without disruption of pressure.

Easy to inflate:

Each chamber can be inflated individually via a very simple pump and valve system. The inflation pump can be operated with foot, hand or knee action and hook-up is not fill-port dependent.

Easy to clean:

The nonabsorbent material prevents odors and stains from entering the material, allowing pants to be cleaned and disinfected easily.

Both the adult and pediatric anti-shock trousers provide the following specialized features:
* Handles are strategically located in the torso area and both legs for easy positioning and patient movement
* All bladders have a 5-year warranty against breakage
*The pant material has a 2-year warranty
* Unique design allows the pants to open outward and lie flat for easy application and patient accessibility
* Color-coded Velcro straps and luminescent pressure gauges for easy nighttime application
* Inflation pump can be used with foot, hand or knee pressure
* Adult pants are easily downsized to fit either a small adult or a pediatric patient
* Soft-pack carry bag is padded for protection, and the strap system converts to a backpack for carrying ease


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