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50-PERSON Trauma First Aid Kit (31100)
This extensive trauma first aid kit is an important component of solid emergency preparedness for any facility. This kit is designed using the experience of leading disaster response organizations to meet the emergency medical needs of up to 50 people at a school, workplace, or other facility. The instructions and supplies in this kit can be used to provide first aid until qualified professional medical help arrives and to assist the professionals once they are on the scene. Many organizations offer expert first aid training for volunteers.

kit includes emergency first aid instructions and supplies for: medical
support of search and rescue operations; treating victims for shock;
treating fractures and dislocations; cleaning, dressing, and bandaging
wounds; the application of cold for healing; and storing instructions
and emergency plan documents (waterproof pouch). The large trauma duffle
bag makes supplies easy to store, carry and access for use. For
additional help with search and rescue operations, purchase one Search and Rescue Team Kit for each volunteer search and rescue team in your facility.

For first aid and emergency instruction:

  • (1) trauma kit instruction sheet
  • (1) first aid guidebook
  • (1) first aid ready reference
  • (1) emergency document pouch

For medical support of search and rescue operations:

  • (1) folding stretcher
  • (1) pair heavy-duty rubber gloves
  • (1) bottle of Sanizide
  • (1) writing tablet
  • (2) pens
  • (2) 12-hour light sticks
  • (5) triage tags
  • (10) pairs vinyl gloves
  • (12) biohazard bags
  • (14) dust masks
  • (15) single use thermometers

For treating injured victims for shock:

  • (5) disposable blankets

For treating fractures and dislocations:

  • (3) triangular bandages with safety pins
  • (8) cardboard splints

For cleaning wounds:

  • (1) sodium chloride irrigation solution
  • (2 pints) hydrogen peroxide
  • (2) sterile absorbent cotton rolls
  • (10) 4 oz. water pouches
  • (40) triple antibiotic ointment packets

For dressing and bandaging wounds:

  • (3) elastic bandages, 2in x 4.5 YD
  • (3) elastic bandages, 4in x 4.5 YD
  • (6) elastic gauze bandages, 2in
  • (6) elastic gauze bandages, 4in
  • (6) Eye pads
  • (6) adhesive strips pairs
  • (10) compress bandages, 4in
  • (10) butterfly adhesive bandages
  • (15) ABD pads, 8in x 10in, sterile
  • (50) gauze pads, 4in x 4in, sterile
  • (100) Adhesive bandages, 3/4in x 3in

Adhesive Tape:

  • (1) adhesive tape, 1in x 10 YD
  • (2) adhesive tape, 1/2in x 10 YD


  • (1) tweezers
  • (1) 5-1/2in scissors

For application of cold:

  • (2) instant ice packets.

For feminine hygiene:

  • (2) sanitary napkins

For compact storage and easy carrying:

  • Packed
    in a large trauma duffle bag with double hand straps, adjustable
    shoulder strap, wide-mouth main compartment for easy access to supplies,
    and multiple pockets for easy organization. Bright orange tag
    identifies kit in an emergency.

Dimensions and weight: 24in x 11in x 11in


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