Product Description

Sun Med 8-1050-94 Disposable Airway intubation kit with disposable blades

Individual clear pockets store a complete set of sterile, stainless steel, fiber optic, disposable blades. The MacIntosh blades, Miller blades, and handles can be seen easily in the large pockets.

The pockets have Velcro closures to prevent blades from slipping out. Extra batteries and lamps are also included. Please examine the complete list of items provided in the Sun-Med Intubation Kit and you will agree this is your best value.


8 Oralpharyngeal color coded Guedel airways (sizes 00-6) (40mm-100mm)
1 Pediatric laryngoscope handle and  1 Medium laryngoscope handle
5 Miller laryngoscope blades (sizes 0-4)
4 MacIntosh laryngoscope blades (sizes 1-4)
1 Extra handle lamp (fiber optic)
Adult Magill forceps and Pediatric (1 unit each)
2 “AA” batteries
4 packets of lubricating jelly
2 Endotracheal uncuffed tubes (sizes 2.5, 4mm)
8 Endotracheal cuffed tubes (sizes 5 – 10mm)
1 ea Nasopharyngeal airway (20, 24, 28, 32FR)
10ml syringe ( 1)
Endotracheal tube introducer ( 1)
Adult stylet (1)
1 Nylon airway management case



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