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Sunmed 8-1050-95  Fiber Optic Airway Intubation kit with supplies – Emergency intubation

Emergency Intubation kit with Fiber optic Laryngoscopes

Complete package fiber optic intubation kit that includes all that you need for emergencies. Also available with standard illumination


8 Oralpharyngeal color coded Guedel airways (sizes 00-6) (40mm-100mm)
1 Pediatric laryngoscope handle and  1 Medium laryngoscope handle
5 Miller laryngoscope blades (sizes 0-4)
4 MacIntosh laryngoscope blades (sizes 1-4)
1 Extra handle lamp (fiber optic)
Adult Magill forceps and Pediatric (1 unit each)
2 “AA” batteries
4 packets of lubricating jelly
2 Endotracheal uncuffed tubes (sizes 2.5, 4mm)
8 Endotracheal cuffed tubes (sizes 5 – 10mm)
1 ea Nasopharyngeal airway (20, 24, 28, 32FR)
10ml syringe ( 1)
Endotracheal tube introducer ( 1)
Adult stylet (1)
1 Nylon airway management case



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